Week 17

After a week off, we were back in action on a blustery day!

Your 1st Place team went -6 on the last two holes to finish -14 and win by a single stroke. Congrats to Hercules Hubbell, Mark Hartman, Dan Dickenson and your Hog of the Week, Ron Sisemore.

The team of Matt Hill, Tim Threadgold, Chris Howley and Erik Peffer jumped out to an early lead only to have the rug yanked out from under them as they were practicing their victory speech....congrats on your -13 which gets you a Silver Medal boys.

Casey Manchester secured 3rd Place for himself, Wayne Evans, Mike Murphy and Justin LaSala with a nice KP shot into a stiff wind breaking a tie for 3rd at -7.

Also at -7 but getting diddly squat for their efforts were Brian Triggs, Jason Niemeyer, James Marsh and John Souza.