Course Rules

USGA rules govern all play.

1. Pond on #6 is a YELLOW Penalty Area, may play from Dropping Zone (one penalty stroke).
2. Creek bed on #12 and #13 is a RED Penalty Area.
3. Out of Bounds is determined by white stakes and boundary fences, and over fence on #17.
4. Free Relief (stance, swing and lies of the ball):
• Driving range net and screen behind #12 tee are immovable obstructions.
• Flower beds and all maintained plant areas.
• All rock walls and railroad tie structures are immovable obstructions.
• The garden area right of #11 green. Dropping zone near the garden area.
5. Please observe cart path rules and always keep the carts on the paths on #1, #6, #17 and #18.
6. The dropping zones on hole #11 are for use as an additional options for a ball in the penalty area behind the green. Use the dropping zone nearest to where the ball last crossed the edge of the penalty area. For a ball in the Garden Area use the dropping zone near the garden area.
7. The dropping zone on #13 near the pump house is to be used ONLY when playing #12 and proceeding under Rule 17 where normal relief procedures are not available. (Ball crossing edge of the penalty area in the vicinity of the North bridge).
8. The area to the right or #10 cart path is a RED penalty area. The Relief Area is to the left of the cart path no closer to the hole.
9. Model Rule, F-5: Relief may be taken under Rule 16.1b if an Immovable Obstruction on the Line of Play is within two club lengths of the putting green and within two club lengths of the ball. This includes the drain at the front of #12 green.
10. Relief from mole hills (Rule 16, Abnormal Course Conditions) is allowed only for the lie of the ball and intended swing. Relief is NOT allowed for stance.
11. Observe other Local Rules which may be posted for temporary conditions.



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