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Formed in 1924, there is much history behind KG&CC. One of our members compiled historical information in 1991. Here are just some of the interesting facts discovered.

Before KG&CC was built a committee was formed. The result was the signing of the initial twenty members. Now having funding in place a meeting was called and plans were formulated to give Bremerton a Golf & Country Club. Cost of membership was fixed at $100 with hopes that perhaps 150 to 200 members could be signed. A cash deposit of $5 was required. The first name given was Kitsap County Country Club.

By April 11, 1924 one-hundred members had been signed to join and plans were being perfected towards forming a corporation.

The Club purchased the Granstrom farm consisting of 47 acres of farm land and orchards. Later, an additional 10 acres was purchased for $1,050. It was anticipated that a nine hole golf course could be built for around $10,000. On September 6, 1924 the Club purchased a strip of land adjoining the Granstrom property. The purchase price was listed as "ten dollars and other valuable considerations."

On July 2, 1924 the course was ready for its first tournament. With rustic benches and sandboxes on each tee the members gathered and played. Small mounds of sand were used for tees. The House Committee provided ice cream and coffee. Low score for the day was 82 for six holes!

A few days prior to the opening the first female was accepted as a golfing member.

Mr. Francis James, a golf architect from New York and Washington, D.C., said "This course will be the most picturesque in the Northwest. The surroundings and grounds make it possible. I believe the course will be a jewel."

By October 1, 1924 the course work was complete and the turf had grown in on the fairways and greens. Small issue, we had no means to mow the fairways and greens. A mower was purchased that cut a swath six feet wide thus saving a great deal of time. It was planned that a horse would be purchased later to do the job. At this time the membership stood at 125.

July 3, 1925 was the opening day of a full nine holes. The length of the course was 2500 yards. Members celebrated in great style with an 18 hole tournament with ladies furnishing the baskets for the basket social event.

Social Memberships began in 1929 with an initiation fee of $175 and dues of $24 per year. Our first junior membership was also offered at a whopping $1.10 in dues per month. This was for children between eight and seventeen. Widows paid half dues and military officers could use the course simply by paying green fees.

The club employed a general caretaker and his wife who were responsible for club activities such as dinners, accepting green fees and seeing to the
maintenance of the course. Chico Creek was the only means of water for the course. We utilize a well for domestic water use.

The Golf Pros salary in the mid 1930’s was $25 per month which was later raised to $40.

From 1936 to 1939 the Club tried going public as a way of alleviating financial conditions. $5 tickets were available for monthly play. Stockholders did not like this venture and it was soon abandoned.

In 1948 the club spent $35,000 on the course and $27,700 on the clubhouse remodeling. An additional $5,650 went to furniture and fixtures and $13,500 went to the acquisition of land.

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